Thanks for your interest in VideoSerenata. In case you have questions or doubts during the filling out of the requested information on the form, please contact us on or send a WhatsApp message to +34 651304519 and we will help you as much as we can. 

How this works

You want a special gift for someone, on a specific day (at least 7 days from now)

Choose your artist

 Fill out the form on the website. You can share anecdotes concerning the person to whom you want to give the videoserenata, what music or countries they love, what your relation to each other is, etcetera. 

 You receive an email with a request to make a payment.

As soon as the payment is received, we send your request to the artist, who will then create a VideoSerenata and record it on video. The artists use their own repertoire.

 We send you the VideoSerenata at least one day before the occasion.

You make someone happy!

What language(s) should the artist use in the VideoSerenata to address the receiver (your choice of artist determines the language(s) that you can choose here)?

How this works

Are you an artist?

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